Live Reporting from San Francisco

San Francisco, CA on Tuesday, March 24, 2009
By Crime Reporter: Malati Chopra / T-Fare Online
Correspondence: gayfareonline@gmail.com Subject: Malati

Continuing our report live from Castro District San Francisco on Tuesday afternoon, some gay men still seem to be in denial of what the local media is calling the "Gay Drifter Murder" case. I spoke to Fredrick Diaz and he mentioned "the prosecutor is a very conservative man from Southern California who is using this case to show gays in the wrong light. I knew Kylie and believe me, she is not a murderer." I also met a Nepalese student Suman (last name withheld at request) who mentioned that "I don't believe that a Nepalese 27 years old is capable of this. He cannot have such a criminal mindset."

The somber mood was also apparent at a popular dance club in Castro where the music was slow and sad songs were dedicated to Cliff Lambert. In talking to a Fijian drag queen named Komal, she felt that "this is immoral what Kaushal had done and reflects badly on people from her country - especially after the Richa deportation and immigration fraud scandal." Another British Indian drag queen who goes by Nasranda implied that "all trannies are getting bad name because of few dirty elements. Its so unfair. We are hard working people who pay taxes and deserve more respect than is given out because of such trashy people."

Malini Malhotra said, "this just brings more disgrace to the community from which Kylie belongs. Already there are so many rumors of scams and ICBC claims from that community but I don't want to comment on this case yet. Let the courts decide." Rehan Khan also said "this is a very sad day for all Nepalese and also the GLBT community." Chameli said "Oh my goodness. Hamara saara izzat isne kharab kar daala. What a shame!"

On a positive note, the entire Nepalese community in Trollywood seems to have united in support of Niroula. Malini's sister in law Monisha Basnet-Malhotra who hails from Nepal said, "how dare anyone raise fingers at my community? We are known for our loyalty and commitment. Kaushal may be framed by others just like I was in the past. We should never judge until all the facts come out in the open." Neeraj Khan also lashed out at any criticism against his community "We are in the USA where everyone is innocent till proven guilty. You should allow Kaushal his day in court and not blindly believe the silly district attorney." Top actress Natasha Rai also seemed to agree with her fellow countrymen and women. She remarked, "we should never give comments or accuse someone we do not know. Its not wise to totally believe in media or a third party till someone is proven guilty. People sometime try to frame you up to hide their own crime. I have been reading news on Koushal myself and I find it very hard to believe. There are too many people involved in this case and Cliff Lambert's body is yet to be found. I am sure FBI and the SF court will bring justice to the real culprit(s) in due time." Filmmaker Ang Lee Bhansali also said "I will comment on this story after someone has been found gulty by a court of law. I have full faith in the San Francisco court system. Until they decide otherwise, Kaushal is innocent to me."

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San Francisco, CA on Saturday, March 21, 2009
By Crime Reporter: Malati Chopra / T-Fare Online
Correspondence: gayfareonline@gmail.com Subject: Malati

Born into a lower middle-class family in Nepal, Kaushal Niroula (AKA Kylie Monali) always had big dreams. Many of his class mates teased and bullied him for being effeminate but he never let that bother him. He knew that one day he had to get out of a society where gays were treated like second class citizens. His classmate Nabin (last name withheld) from Xaviers School batch of 1997 in Kathmandu says, "people in our school used to bully him and gave him the name 'Kaulie.' I also remember he was very preppy and flamboyant. He was interested in acting and theater but often got into trouble for making up his own lines while acting on stage!" Another classmate Subodh (last name withheld) from The Kathmandu Academy remembers him as someone who seemed to be “a sharp person and always very confident, even though many kids made fun of him behind his back. He told people in our school stories like he had powerful and rich family in America but no one believed him. No one with such a rich and powerful family background would send their kids to The Kathmandu Academy. The academy is basically an alternative for kids that cannot get into decent colleges” After graduating his O-Levels from Kathmandu, Kaushal applied to schools in the United States and was able to convince the US Embassy that he was a disciplined student who would come back to Nepal after college. His classmates were shocked to hear that Kaushal got a US Visa. Subodh said “most of us thought he was lying until he had left Nepal! We could not believe that someone who failed 10th grade and had such little resources could make it to the US. It must be because of his confidence in talking to the counselor.” Since he was a child, Kaushal always watched American TV channels like MTV, CNN etc. and tried hard to maintain an American accent. It was as if he always knew that he wasn’t meant to live in Nepal. His life was waiting for him in the gay capital of the world – San Francisco, USA!

Niroula arrived as an F1 student at the New College of California in San Francisco in 2002. Unfortunately, bad habits die hard and Niroula started lying and scamming people soon after his arrived. He avoided associating with Nepalese students probably because they would know his background and uncover his lies. He started making a lot of American friends, pretending to be from the “royal family of Nepal with over $3.5 million net worth.” He quickly became very popular and even got the attention of his college president, Martin Hamilton. Several staff members believe that Niroula provided sexual favors to Martin in exchange for good grades and waiving tuition. Some staff also believed that Niroula might have led Hamilton to believe that he would be providing a million dollar donation to the school – money he never had! Soon the college's auditors placed the school on probation and launched an investigation which led Hamilton to resign. Niroula claimed that he never received any favors from Hamilton and said he was "used as a tool" by faculty members “to bring Martin Hamilton down."

Shortly after walking away from this incident, Niroula became more confident and started getting involved in bigger scams. While on a trip to Hawaii he convinced a Japanese woman that he was from the royal family of Nepal and could get her a business visa if she would invest in his real estate business. Under Niroula's direction, the Japanese lady Hisamatsu agreed to open an account at the Bank of Hawaii and wire funds into it. Niroula then created fake checks and stole all her money. Once she found out, he told her he had borrowed the funds to save family members from Maoist kidnappers in Nepal. Hisamatsu filed a lawsuit in federal court in San Francisco claiming that Niroula scammed her out of $508,000 in 2006. She also sued the bank for an additional $2.5 million in general damages. The bank denied responsibility and asked a judge to dismiss the suit. Further hearings are pending.

Armed with over half a million dollars of fraud money, Niroula began to live the high society life he had dreamed of since he was a child. He began dating a cute Latino bad-boy Daniel Garcia who was also suspected of several high profile crimes. They purchased a loft in the Financial District of San Francisco with a big down payment. They were seen at all the hot spots of San Francisco and according to his transsexual friend Amanda, Niroula often “dressed up as his alter ego Kylie Monali while visiting night clubs like Mezzanine and Deco Lounge.” Meanwhile they were suspected of using the remaining money to engage in several other scams including identity theft, grand theft, drugs, real estate, purchasing life insurance for terminally ill patients and stealing jewelry and art works worth over $600,000! Allegedly in an attempt to cover up his crimes, Niroula then seduced a 60 year old influential lawyer – David Replogle.

With over a million dollars cash, a boy friend and a powerful lawyer David by his side, Niroula preceded with his next scam even while FBI was watching every move he made. Niroula apparently seduced a rich 74 year old man Cliff Lambert. With the help of his lawyer boy friend, Niroula was able to secure a power of attorney from Cliff in David’s name. Once David had power of attorney, he started transferring Cliff’s million dollar home and cash into Niroula’s name.

Till date Cliff Lambert is missing. Law enforcement believes that Kaushal Niroula and Daniel Garcia used attorney David Replogle and several other gay friends including an art dealer to cover up the murder of Cliff Lambert for monetary benefits. The gay lovers Kaushal Niroula and Daniel Garcia have both been arrested and put in a maximum security prison and police have “sufficient evidence to charge these men with murder.” District attorney Rod Pacheco said “These con men have skillfully manipulated their way through millions of illegally obtained dollars and have managed to avoid consequences until now. Unfortunately, Cliff Lambert isn't the first victim of their ongoing scams but we plan on making sure he is the last."

Kaushal Niroula has not only brought shame to his family but also the Nepalese and GLBT communities. We hope that this example serves as a wake up call to all scam artists that the jail is your final destination. Let’s also keep Cliff Lambert and his family in our prayers while police are searching for his body in Palm Springs and here in the Bay area.

Tranny News / TBC

Mar 18, 2009. Vancouver, BC
By: Research Reporter – Natasha Rai

Good Evening!

This is TBC (Trolly Broadcasting Corp). TBC is a volunteer channel of T-fare that is stationed to bring in world news, views of LGBT with primary focus on Trans and subsequently help the good cause of children's charities with your interest and support. Here is the monthly worldwide tranny news:

A concert has just taken place in the capital of Kathmandu, Nepal. Unique and first of its kind in entire South Asia, the concert was performed by a transgender choir group named Poesie and Fags. The choir group found by 2 married Dutch men with some Nepalese members, believes in having fun with group songs, dances to Bollywood and Nepali tunes.12 lesbian and transgender group together on Sundays to sing in this band in a hotel in Kathmandu which have given them self esteem and freedom. They have brought out their first CD and have contributed to the trans awareness in society.


Transsexuals in Turkey have been vocalizing their rights through play called " Pink and Grey" putting the spotlight on transsexuals who end up being prostitutes in Muslim Turkey. Through plays and music, they have been expressing their plights and rights for equality in male dominated country.

In the world music scene, a young German transsexual Kim Petras has signed the deal with German music producer Fabian Gorg's Joyce Records. She has been the subject of worldwide news for being the youngest transsexual to create electronic dance pop music. She was born Tim Petras and is the youngest to receive sex change operation at the age of 12. After years of humiliation for altering her body she has made a niche for herself and is all set to be a pop star.


Similarly, Isis King has been the first ever transsexual to compete in America's next top model recently. She is a pre-op tranny who believes she was born in wrong body and wants to fulfill her dreams of being a fashion model. Though she did not make it to the top, the whole world has praised Tyra Bank's show for her inclusion in the competition. These girls have been role models for the younger transsexuals to follow in the career of their dreams.


The world has been shaken up with the arrest of transsexual mafia mobster Ugo Gabriele who dresses as a woman, wears lipstick and has given the effeminate feels to the macho image of Italian mafia. Police said he was the mafia godfather involved in drug trafficking and prostitution in Naples. Though heavyset and masculine build, his behavior was sissy to be the mafia boss and a shame to the mafia clan.


Not too long ago a transsexual Andreia Albertine tried to seduce and extort big sum of money from Brazilian soccer star Ronaldo when he found out he was bedding a tranny and not a woman. She tried to blackmail him for 30000 euros not to expose to the media. Ronaldo reported to police. It was big news in sports world and a bad name to trannies.

In the local news, in Vancouver, a group of trans people(Trans Alliance Society) have come together to organize "Happy Tranny Day 2009" on May 3, 2009 at the local Heritage Hall. The group is looking for volunteers, donations and participants to make the event successful. The group is also looking for trans people to be nominated as role models for positive attitude and being courageous, creative and strong person.

The LGTB centre is also organizing a support group for helping the partners of trans people by providing counseling on accepting yourself and your trans partner in private and public.

Finally, do not miss RuPaul's drag Race TV reality show's new episodes. The show has been the hottest and highly viewed. Drag queens and princesses and all the drama make the show a must watch.


Good night!

Natasha Rai Back @ T-Fare?

Mar 11, 2009. San Antonio, TX
By: Crime Reporter - Malati Chopra

It all started a few weeks ago and there has been tremendous speculation regarding T-Fare's much in-demand reporter Natasha Rai. Many believed that she was fired, laid off or had resigned. I decided to go straight up to Sr. Editor Kanti Raj to get the official scoop. According to Kanti "We had some minor misunderstanding with our talented reporter a few weeks ago. We would never dare to fire someone of her status and calibre. Anyways, lets leave the past and talk about the future. We are absolutely delighted to have our favorite reporter back at T-Fare. We have a long term written contract with her and I can assure all her fans that this time she is here to stay. She will report a minimum of 1 article a month. I urge all her fans to show their support and encourage this gifted journalist to come up with challenging and thought provoking articles."

Looks like the "future" is here and the leading lady of T-Fare is certainly in the center of it all. Welcome back Natasha!!


Kanti announces 2 Big Films...

Mr. Shah, it is our understanding that you have some major announcements to make today. Before we start asking you questions sent by our readers, we’d like to give you the opportunity to make your announcements.

Thank you. As many of you are aware, our banner is working on 2 productions side by side. The first of these is Fashion directed by Ang Lee Bhansali starring Natasha Rai, Malini Malhotra and introducing Deepika Parajuli & Rehan Khan. The second film “My Name is Khan” was initially announced as my production. The film has undergone many changes which I would not like to discuss at this time. However, My Name is Khan will star Neeraj Khan and Monisha Malhotra with a host of Americans based in New York City. Monisha stole the show and did a fantastic job for me in Race. Signing her on for My Name is Khan was an obvious choice since we needed reliable top actors in order to sell this ambitious venture. She is young, talented and extremely hard working and professional girl who values commitment and always keeps her word. Mark my words, she will emerge to become the top actress in Trollywood soon.

The first question comes from Toronto, Canada. Are you sure that Natasha Rai is still part of Fashion considering she is no longer part of T-Fare family and has been accused of stealing articles?

Natasha has always been part of the T-Fare family. We are all human beings. To err is human and to forgive is divine. So, let’s not get into this controversy of her plagiarizing articles. She is one of the founders of our organization and a lot of our success is based on her hard work and publicity for our site. To answer your question, yes she is very much part of Fashion where she’ll play a parallel role with Malini Malhotra as supermodel Meghna. Priyanka Chopra won all the awards for this role and I am sure Natasha will do full justice as well. My producer tells me that all 3 actresses are gearing up to fit into the skin of their characters. While Malini is undergoing free weights training to build muscle mass and gain weight, Natasha is rigorously doing cardio to loose weight. Even newcomer Deepika is very excited about her dare bare scenes and wants to stand out in front of her senior actresses. Who knows, she might come out as the surprise packet of Fashion and go on to become a top star like Monisha!

Your banner is known to be a ruthless one that reserves best roles for established stars and takes advantage of newcomers. No wonder you threw newcomers Rehan and Malati out of MNIK and replaced them with top actors. This is the second time you have done this to Malati. How can you be so cold and calculative?

My Name is Khan was written with Rehan and Malati in mind. However, after their controversial break-up, Malati refused to work with Rehan so we were left with no option but to replace her. Even Monisha was not an established actress until we cast her in Race so it is wrong to assume that we only work with established actresses. Our banner has given many newcomers a chance. However, once the film releases, it is up to the audience to accept of reject an actor. At the end of the day we are in the movie making business and we cannot sign on people that don’t make sense from a business perspective. We need to sell our films and make a profit to survive! Rehan was replaced because of strong audience demand to see him in this author backed role. In order to be fair to Rehan, we have cast him in Fashion opposite Natasha Rai. If the audience accepts him in this role, I am sure we will give him a more significant role in our next production.

Sasha Basu has lashed out at you in a TrollyGossips interview claiming that you put her on the casting couch and finally threw her out of Dostana. As they say, there is no smoke without fire. Please comment.

Sasha screen tested for Dostana and was rejected by our producer (and not me) because her look didn’t fit into the modern concept of this film. People are bound to be bitter after a rejection and nothing appeals to a starlet more than cheap publicity. She is obviously trying to use my name for publicity. Unfortunately for her, no one is going to believe stories made up by a C-grade actress in a D-grade gossip site. I suggest she spend more time on loosing weight and stop trying to dig dirt.

Your debut directorial venture Race evoked a mixed response when it was released. But the strongest reaction came from Shonali Kapoor who said it was a “cheap copy of the original.” She had also criticized your casting the 3 actresses saying that they “did not suit the parts at all.” According to her, you know very little about direction so you use big stars, controversies and sensationalism to sell your films.

I never take her comments seriously, to be quite honest. And what does a convicted prostitute know about direction or even films for that matter? Race has emerged as the second biggest hit of our banner and I have received compliments even from top critics in Bombay. Shonali is a nice girl but she should really stick to acting – that is if she can even get a break. After the resent arrest she is lucky to be out on bail so hopefully she has learned a lesson and will not make any more negative comments about my films and my actors.

Natasha Rai got the biggest flak for Race. In fact rumor has it that she has sworn never to work with you again after the way you made her look in Race. Why didn’t you ask her to loose more weight before casting her opposite two pencil thin girls like Malini and Monisha?

Natasha is family to me and she could never be upset or refuse to work with me. I cast her as central protagonist in Race and would love to work with her, if a suitable script comes along. You’d be surprised to know that many people have complimented her work in Race. In fact some have called it her career best performance. There are bound to be some people who don't agree. I think it is unfair to compare her with someone like Monisha who is less than half her age. Natasha is extremely talented and our banner will always be associated with her. I might ask her to do a special appearance in MNIK for luck factor and then all these rumors will be put to rest.

When you want to sign an actor, you promise them the moon. But when it comes to delivering, you go back on your word. When your banner signed Kitty Khare, you had promised her a role in your future films. But you ignored her thereafter. No wonder she doesn’t want to work with you again and never even invited you to her wedding.

I never promised anything to anybody, including Kitty Khare. She’s a very talented actress and she knows that I cast according to the script, not because she or any other actor is a good friend. I don’t know what you mean by moon and stuff (laughs) but we are definitely keeping her in mind for a special role in our upcoming film Chenab Gandhi. As far as wedding invitation, this is usually a family affair and I can understand her wanting to make this a private occasion. I would do the same thing.

Chandramukhi, Saakshi and several other top T-girls based in Toronto have lambasted your effort to move Trollywood to Vancouver. One hears that you are moving to Vancouver and will shoot most of your films in the West Coast. Don’t you think Vollywood sounds odd?

This is news to me. Trollywood was and will always be based in Toronto. What could I possibly accomplish out of moving it to Vancouver? Yes it’s true that I am in the process of moving to Vancouver but that’s a personal move. Believe me, I have never suggested that these divas should move to Vancouver. And I agree, Vollywood does sound weird!